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The florist

I'm Lucia, the lead designer behind Rooted Floral Design! My love for flowers began while working on a nonprofit vegetable farm here in Austin, then really took off several years later after learning about sustainable floral design.


One of my favorite parts of this job is the quiet mornings spent harvesting flowers in the company of sleepy bees, observing the changing seasons and always keeping an eye out for the most extraordinary blooms. Another favorite part is getting to know my clients and the vision they're trusting me to bring to life. I love selecting the perfect flowers for them, artfully weaving together colors and textures to tell their unique story, and making sure that every last detail is exactly right. 

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The flowers

Our designs are inspired by nature: airy and textural, with unexpected details like fresh herbs and local produce. We focus on the color palette and style rather than specific types of flowers because we're working with nature, and we can't control what nature does.

During the local growing season of March through October, most of our flowers are locally sourced. We love local flowers for so many reasons, including that they are fresher and longer-lasting, grown more sustainably, often more unique, and they come in compostable packaging or no packaging at all. 


We venture outside of our local flowers when the local selection is limited, as well as during the off season of November through February. We want to do what's best for our clients, our local farmers, and our planet, so for us that means using as many local flowers as possible, but being flexible as needed.

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The seasons

Although the seasons make no guarantees, this is what you can typically expect throughout the year! 
Late March through May provide the most abundant, lush florals, including sweet peas, delphinium, larkspur, stock, snapdragons, lilies, cosmos, calendula, monarda, nigella, phlox, tweedia, foxglove, and so much more! It's the only time of year when blue flowers are available locally.
Summer flowers (June through September) include zinnias, dahlias, celosia, lisianthus, tuberose, and gomphrena, although flowers slow down significantly in the heat.
Once the weather cools down around October, we get sunflowers, cosmos, amaranthus, marigolds, and solidago, as well as most of the summer flowers, fall grasses, and deep-colored foliages. Most flowers stop blooming around November, but November also brings chrysanthemums.
Local flowers are mostly out of season from mid-November through early March, but we treasure the ones we have! The early spring months (starting around February) are dependent on weather, but usually include ranunculus, anemones, poppies, and tulips.

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The farms

We source from more growers than are listed here, but these are the farms we tend to visit most:

  • Angel Valley Farm (Leader, TX)

  • Arnosky Family Farms (Blanco, TX)

  • Cassiopeia Farm (Austin, TX)

  • Grassdale Farm (Manor, TX)

  • Stray Dog Farms (Manor, TX)

  • Winklemann Flowers (Driftwood, TX)

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