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Thank you!

We've received your inquiry! Within about a week, we will email you a custom floral mood board and quote.

What happens next?

First we’ll check if we’re available on your date! If so, we'll put together a custom floral proposal for you (mood board + quote). 

The next step is to schedule a consultation. This is when we'll talk all about the floral vision and make any changes needed to the proposal. We love getting to know our clients and all the amazing ideas that come from consultations! 

When you're ready to book, you'll sign a contract and pay a 25% retainer fee. We'll hold your date for two weeks after sending the proposal, so please let us know as soon as possible if you'd like to book.

After that, you get to relax! We'll be in touch about two months before the big day to finalize all the details. 

In the meantime...

Check out some of our recent photos and follow along for more on Instagram!

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LuciaMeadowSummer23-1048 (3).jpg


We've got answers! Feel free to email us at

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