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À la carte

Starting at $300

À la carte florals are perfect for those wanting to keep it simple while still having the highest quality of seasonal, sustainable blooms.


Please let us know in the form below which of our seasonal mood boards you would like!

What florals are you interested in? (This is just a starting place; we will email with more details!)

À la carte FAQs

How far in advance should I inquire?

We recommend inquiring once you know your date, venue, and floral budget (typically anywhere from 3-12 months for á la carte events). Depending on how many floral items you need, we can sometimes accommodate à la carte events on shorter notice. 

Do you offer rental items?

Do I need to know the exact types of arrangements I want? 

No! In fact, sometimes just having a vision for how you want your day to look and feel is better than knowing exactly what florals you want. We can help you choose the most impactful and memorable floral arrangements for your big day! 

Do you travel outside of Austin? 

Yes! We have a large collection of vessels and candles to rent, and these will be included in your quote. We will collect all rental items at the end of the night so you don't have to think about it.

Typically, we can travel up to about two hours from Austin. We consider venues further than that on a case by case basis, as we may need to build new relationships with local farmers and florists in the area of your wedding.

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